Here’s How PPC Provides Distinct Business Advantages

Here’s How PPC Provides Distinct Business Advantages

PPC advertising is a great way to improve your conversion rates and get a competitive advantage. In this case, you’ll need a PPC expert by your side who can help you with things like setting up conversion tracking or analyzing data from previous campaigns. Here are some specific ways they can provide your business with distinct advantages:

Competitive Comparisons

These experts can improve your ad copy by testing different elements against each other to see what results in the most conversions. This is called A/B split testing.

Negative keywords are words you don’t want to appear for in a search. This is important because you want to ensure that you are only attracting relevant leads and not wasting resources on those not suited to your offer.

If you’re not confident in your skills to run effective PPC tests, you can hire someone to do it for you. This will relieve some pressure and help ensure your campaigns are successful.

Competition Tracking

Different industries will require different types of ads. For instance, if you sell products and services online, it would be more effective to have product images in the ads rather than just text-based ads. This would give potential customers a preview of what is being offered and may encourage them to click on the ad.

Your competition is running ads; you should be if they’re not doing pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. Test different ad types to see which generates the most traffic. Thus, your cost per click will be lower than your competitors because you are using more effective keywords in your ads. You can do this because your PPC expert has researched other sources and developed a better campaign structure overall. They’ve also used negative keywords, which makes your ads more effective.

Keyword Research

When creating a campaign, PPC experts consider what type of keywords would be most relevant to your industry. This will help generate targeted traffic and higher conversion rates for each ad group.

Your competitors can be a great source of inspiration for your marketing campaigns. PPC experts closely examine the keywords they target and the language they use in their ads. If they see something working well for them, they will consider using it in your campaigns. Doing this increases your chances of success.

Landing Page Conversions

Various factors successfully convert customers with marketing efforts, not just PPC campaigns. Creating landing pages specifically designed to convert is a great way to push potential customers toward making a purchase.

It’s important to have high-quality landing pages for your PPC campaign, so people don’t click and leave immediately. This will result in more leads.

Promotion of Discounts or Sale Events

A PPC expert could create discounts or sales events to encourage more people to make purchases. They could do this by changing prices for a limited time or offering other incentives—especially for old inventory that you need to get rid of. This would generate additional revenue that was not made prior or even make back your investment with the old stock.


A PPC expert takes the burden of online marketing from you so you can focus on running the day-to-day while they take charge of generating leads and sales. Take hold of the business advantages mentioned above by working with Digital Rogers right now! We’re a data-driven agency that provides customers with PPC support to meet your brands’ goals and budgets. Meet with us by visiting our website or calling (720) 386-1697!

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