What Platforms to Tap for Your Short-Form Video Marketing

What Platforms to Tap for Your Short-Form Video Marketing

Videos are great for storytelling—not just any storytelling, but storytelling through visual narration. You can’t get any more visual than video. By using this medium, you can bring your stories to life.  

Nowadays, short-form videos are the vernacular of the internet. So if you want to stand out and have your message reach a bigger audience, incorporating this type of video is the way to go.

Why Produce Short-Form Videos?

Short-form videos are everywhere. Most social media outlets have offered the option to watch videos in a horizontal format. It is the modern-day equivalent of the television set, minus the cable box because almost all social media platforms have their channels.

The sheer amount of videos people find online can be overwhelming. But this is exactly why you need a strategy to drive traffic to your chosen channels.

It will be a waste of time and effort if you put in all that time and effort only to have people not watch it. What is the point of having a channel if no one watches your videos?

If you want to maximize your social media platforms and drive traffic to them, knowing the right platforms would be the first step. Here are the top social media platforms for short-form videos your brand should operate on today.


TikTok is currently the vernacular of short-form videos. It is a video-sharing platform equivalent to Vine, except that TikTok is much more advanced than the old-school Vine. It has over one billion active users every month, and most of them are in the younger demographic.

One of the reasons why TikTok is being used so much is that its platform is easy to use. You can shoot and upload any video to the platform in a few minutes. It is also easy to share videos because you can share them on other social media platforms.

Instagram Reels

Another booming player in the short-form video game is Instagram Reels. Instagram has always been known to be a very visual platform. With the addition of the Instagram Reel, users will have a way to share and experience more visual content.

With the addition of Reels, Instagram is willing to go the extra mile to make its users feel like the content is the best and most immersive feature. Make sure to have a presence here too.

Facebook Watch

Facebook is another platform currently on top of its game in terms of video content. Facebook’s Watch is their video-on-demand service tied with their Facebook Pages.

One of the best things about Watch is that it allows you to go deeper into the videos you watch. You can follow vernacular videos like vlogs, movies, and shows. You can also get behind-the-scenes footage and exclusive interviews. 

YouTube Shorts

YouTube Shorts is a new but up-and-coming medium by the video giant that you should not miss. Just like TikTok and Instagram Reels, YouTube created a new platform for using vertical videos. 

YouTube is the granddaddy of video-sharing platforms. And its visual content sharing is a lot more evolved than the rest. If you are already doing content for YouTube, you should also consider incorporating short-form videos as part of your strategy.


Short-form videos are the new vernacular of the internet. And if you want to be seen on the internet, you need to be seen on these platforms. The great thing about short-form videos is that you can use them to tell your stories. And that is probably the most important thing you can do in your marketing strategy.

Knowing what platforms are best for short-form videos, you are already ahead of your competitors. Start incorporating short-form videos in your current content strategies and make sure you are present on these platforms. You’ll see how much they can help you.

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